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PM if you'd like custom loops, or email me at loop.master@hotmail. com if you need another form of contacting me.

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I am Loopmaster.

Posted by Loopmaster - June 13th, 2008

I am the musician who's goal is to fit your every need in your movies.

My apologies about earlier in January, quite honestly, I forgot I had this account on Newgrounds. So I just came back today (June 13th) and I see that I've had a little bit of success with this account, and I hope to keep flash authors quite happy with more music that I plan on writing!

Don't be afraid to PM me (I'll actually respond now, don't worry haha) and my email is loop.master@hotmail.com just in case you need to send files or other things that I would need to write a piece, maybe.

Keep making flashes Newgrounds!

Comments (12)

Lovely, I'm working on a game right now and I'll contact you when it comes down to picking music... hopefully you'll still be around :-)

I'm always ready to write new music :)

Hey! I've add you on MSN because i know where to get a growling DnB bass tutorial and i'd like to share it with you XD! Helps ALOT in DnB songs =D!
See you in MSN!

I don't have MSN, could you email me instead?

The combination of your name and that first sentence reminds me of those old pokemon cartoons, so I kinda thought:

"Today, a young boy from Pallet Town starts his journey to become the ultimate Loop Master"

All of a sudden I'm very ashamed of my name :(

Teach me.

I have nothing to teach though :O

I love your loops, and plan to use some in a game I'm making. You are the loop master! Keep it up!

Thanks! I'll be releasing another loop soon that I hope some flash artists will see :)

You make awsome songs, more awsome than you think.

youre pretty good music artist and you got your songs offered on smileys war

Love your loops. I plan to use several of them for my game =D


shheeeett niwwiggeigr


Mr. UOTD, you made some legendary audio. Please come back.

Been trying to contact you about using your music in a game, but email bounces. Hope you check your comments or PM ;)